Monday, February 11, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Lee Ann Thornton

'Ello! (said in my Downton Abbey accent*)

Dillon's dad usually checks the mail when he gets home from work, and kindly ALWAYS forgets to give me my magazines that I literally almost die waiting for each month (House Beautiful and Elle Decor - posts on each coming soon!)  I just glanced over my House Beautiful magazine and fell in love with yet another (I'm sure some of you have heard of her) fabulous designer: Lee Ann Thornton.

A little about her from her website: "In 2003 her design firm was launched in Greenwich Connecticut, specializing in high-end residential projects. Lee Ann is known for her detail oriented, luxurious and refined taste while reflecting each client’s lifestyle and needs."

I literally clicked on her portfolio and gasped and died each time I clicked on to a new photo.  I loooooove everything about her designs so much, that I would literally move in a house completely designed by her without even seeing it.  SHE'S BRILLIANT.  Let's all admire:

I DREAM of having a ladder in my office one day.

I love light blue in rooms and there is NO love like what I have for animal print.  I want those pillows, stat.

Uhm, the wallpaper?  And those chairs?  I don't think I need to say anymore.

That light makes my heart beat abnormally fast.  I'm in love.

This, to me, is perfection.

I think her work looks to be put together so effortlessly.  Her use of patterns, textures, and colors all work together so well and I love how there is always something to look at and admire.  This girl has pure talent.

Check her out if you haven't already - tons more pictures on her website to drool over.  It was so hard not to post every damn one of them on here!

Until next time,

*I usually DVR all of my shows and catch up to them when I have free time.  I watched about 45 minutes of Downton Abbey from last night.. and all I can say is: Bates is home!! Yippee!! Also that whole situation with James, the footman, and Mr. Barrow (sp?) is just plain weird.  And is it just me, or do you not HATE when people spell it Downtown Abbey?  Drives me nuts.

All pictures and design by Lee Ann Thornton.


  1. Hi Emily! Heard you're in SC looking for good places to shop for your style of vintage/antiques. I have a store in Beaufort, SC - and there is another one around the corner from me - you would like both! My site is and the store is located in Habersham about 6 miles from downtown Beaufort - 7 Market, Beaufort, SC 29906 It's hard to find what you love! Hope this helps. -Heidi

    1. Hey Heidi!

      Just checked out your blog with some of your pieces and I will definitely be coming to check it out when my tax money rolls in ;) Thanks for your help!