Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Say Hello to My Little Friend"

.. I could possibly be way too young for that movie, but whatever.  I hear the saying all the time and it seems fitting for this post.  Remember this little guy that my oh so sweet boyfriend got me for Vday?


He needed a transformation.  Something a little more sassy to match his personality (at least in my mind.)  Without further adieu..

I loves hims.  And he needs a name.  But, I can't think of one posh enough that fits him.  And I deeply apologize for not removing all of that random shit out of the background when I took the picture.  Just keepin' it real.  And I was so damn excited to have completed something that didn't turn out as a complete disaster.  And you can sneak a peek of my horrid nightstand.  Notice, I will not put a full room view of my bedroom, because it is nowhere near blog ready.  Soon, though!  I'm on the hunt for some bigger items to really make an impact like curtains, pillows, bedding, a lamp, and a rug.  HomeGoods shall be my next stop.  Sad thing is, it's like 30 minutes from where I live so I don't get to venture out there too much!

Anywho, the process is so damn simple, but I took pictures, so why not share.  I initially wanted to paint him a bright coral color (making him a she) but when I went to HoPo (thanks Katie Bower - that's Home Depot for all you non-thugs) they didn't have the right coral color I was looking for, so I went with a glossy navy instead.

I'm a total newbie at this whole thing and had no clue whether I should sand him or not first, but I went for it because I noticed a few bumps and rough spots on him.  I used a medium grit sandpaper and went over him.  I wasn't too concerned about getting in all the nooks and crannies.

I'm not sure of what all the good brands are out there, but I found this pack of 4 below at Home Depot for $3.97.  Bam.  Immediately picked it up since all the others around it were like 3 times that.  I thought it was a pretty good deal since it came with a very fine, fine, medium, and coarse piece of sandpaper.  Worked for me!

I gave him a little rub down with a dry washcloth after I lightly sanded him, just to get all the dust and ish off of him!

I knew from reading all of the DIY blogs that I do, that it's best to do light and even coats multiple times instead of heavy and thick coverage once.  I really did try my best to do this, but I don't know that I succeeded.  Anyway, here he is after the first coat.  I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in Gloss Navy Blue.

Crappy picture, I'm sorry.  You can tell if you look closely that he wasn't quite covered.  I did 2 more coats after this, and even though he's not perfect, I'm completely and totally dying over him.  It's my first project, let me feel accomplished!! :)

I'm actually working on a little art project now that I plan on hanging in the bedroom.  I'm also using it to participate in the Pinterest Challenge next week with Katie, Sherry, Megan and Michelle  (whose blogs I'm excited to visit!) Whoop!  So excited to see what everyone does.

Happy Hump Day, y'all!

Until next time,

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