Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Guess where I went today?!

Yes, my windows are ridiculously dirty.  Sorry?

Ohhhh, yeah.  I literally ran out of my Anatomy (sounds like an effin' terrible class, but it's actually my favie this semester!) class that ended at 11:15 and silently squealed to myself I was so excited.

I'm broker than broke, so I limited my budget to the cash I had in my wallet: $9 buckaroos.  I actually only ended up spending $3, because I couldn't find anything else that I really LOVED enough to take home with me or to spend my precious money on.

But check out what I did find!

In love.  And it was only $25!!  If I had somewhere to put this and I could actually fit it in my wittle car, it would have been mine!  It was pretty sturdy and looked to be well built, but I'm not sure how comfy it is because I was entirely too scared to sit on it and see (I constantly think about germs in there and wash my hands as soon as I can reach a sink after leaving.  Weird?  Whatev.)  Anywho, how freakin' awesome is this chair?!

Just a vase but it caught my eye and it would be fabulous repainted a funky color.  Didn't take it home though, because I can find 4937349063 million more just like it.

I also found this cheap brassy looking chandelier that would be AWESOME painted a different color.  I didn't grab a picture because everyone was already staring at me weird and I'm too much of an idiot to figure out how to hold the chandelier up and take a picture of it with my phone.  There were also some vintage suitcases that I would've loved to have!

And now on to some weird (how many times have I used this word in this post?) shit:

Who in their right mind would willingly have this as a decoration in their house?  I literally LOL'ed to myself when I saw it (getting even more stares, to say the least.)

I don't really think I need to explain this.  But, let me remind you that they were sitting amongst all the housewares-y stuff and the pack is OPENED already.  The fuck?

And on to the cutest things in the world that I spent $3.03 on:

A set of 4 of the cutest mason jars I've ever seen!! As soon as I saw them, I snatched them up and carried them like a baby the rest of the time I was in there.  Something so simple, but I love them (could be a southern thing?) And here's how I used them:

Is that not adorable or what?  In case you can't tell from my shitty Droid photos, the first one has Q-tips, the second one cotton balls, and the third one houses my abundance of hair ties that I find randomly ALL over the house.  Can you tell I'm obsessed with my new finds?! Maybe you think they make my bathroom look like a doctor's office or whatever, but you can suck it because I love them.  And it'll help me not lose my hair ties anymore.

I was way too excited to write this post and share my adventure, so I'll do a proper introduction of my awesome self tomorrow.  And I apologize for the shitty quality of my photos, but I'm a broke ass college kid and I can't afford a $300+ camera that takes the most perfect pictures ever.  These get the point across well enough, and I do edit all of them to make them the slightest bit better.

I'm off to study my life away for a psychology test tomorrow.  My life sucks, I know.

Until next time,

All pictures edited with PicMonkey.

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